The Sport of Rodeo is often described as a contest between man and animal which arose out of the working practices of cattle ranching.   Unlike most other professional sports, where contestants are paid salaries regardless of how well they do at a particular competition, cowboys generally pay to enter each rodeo. Every entry is a gamble pitting the chance for loss and physical injury against the chance for financial windfalls and athletic glory.   The better the stock, the better your chances.

The Salt River Rodeo Company knows about competition and the importance of good “rough stock.” They have been involved in Rodeo since they were knee high to…well, you know.  Heck, they all grew up on horseback and have been involved with the sport for years.

Who are these guys with Rodeo in every facet of their life?

Salt River Rodeo Company’s general manager is Jerry Dorenkamp of Tucson, AZ with additional partners Cody Resor of Willcox, AZ and Owen Washburn of Lordsburg, NM.  (Read more about the staff…)   Salt River Rodeo Company has been in the PRCA stock contracting business for over 20 years.  Headquartered in the Turquoise Circuit regions of Arizona and New Mexico,  they have consistently had livestock chosen for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and Turquoise Circuit Finals Rodeo.

Salt River Rodeo Company is a group of individuals in an elite group called Stock Contractors, taking care of the business side of Rodeo.  They have the good fortune to love what they do.   And the animals– well, let’s just say they have a pedigree as good as any out there.  The breeding program includes grandson of Calgary Stampede’s Grated Coconut who holds a record tying 6 times PRCA Bucking Horse of the Year and a bull bloodline that includes Oscar, who was only ridden 8 times out of 300.

Salt River Rodeo stock

“The very good ones rode because they loved the sport, because they’d loved it since they were old enough to jump on the back of a sheep.  For those riders, every go-around was unequaled adrenaline rush, an addictive high that knew no match.” 

-A Thousand Tomorrows