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Scottsdale Wrangler Champion’s Challenge

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And the Saddle Bronc winner is:

Congratulations Smoke Ring

2013 Stock Award for Turquoise ProRodeo Circuit






    This award is voted on by the cowboys that paid their entry fees for a chance to ride eight seconds and go to the pay window.  Thank you!


 Bareback Riding

  • 1st          X52 Wild Horse Mary
  • 2nd         105 Smokey

Saddle Bronc Riding

  • 1st          573 Smoke Ring
  • 2nd           10 Cowboys & Harleys

Bull Riding

  • 1st          754 Chocolate Joey
  • 2nd         119U Sports Jacket 

2012 Stock Awards – Turquoise ProRodeo Circuit

Rough Stock Award 2012

Bareback Riding

  •  1st  105 Smokey
  •  2nd   44 Dewey Cox                                         

Saddle Bronc Riding 

  • 1st   573 Smoke Ring
  •  2nd  744 Headlight                                

Bull Riding

  •  1st  711 Lucky Dawg
  •  2nd/3rd Split 605 Smilin Bob/51 Cocaine Blues

Update from Poway, CA Smoke Ring and the gang

Hi all this is Smoke Ring.
Well we all arrived in Poway, CA on Thursday.  The crew from Resor’s ranch loaded up late Wednesday night and drove all night.  Our crew started its trip with Secretary taking Jerry to the airport on Monday afternoon and he flew to Denver where Gary Butler took him to our summer pasture in the mountains to pick up 21 of our friends.  Sure didn’t look like summer any more with all the snow already.  So they loaded on the truck and headed south.  Got to the ranch about 3:00 am Thusday morning.
Panther and Wild Horse Mary said they  unloaded, stretched their legs and got a bite to eat before loading up again midmorning and heading for Poway.  Canada Dry, Trust Me and I loaded up in Tucson and followed them on to Poway.  Trip was good except for those darn winds.  Just when we got to Lakeside there was a big fire on the freeway. Sure looked like it could have been a bad one but those firefighters went to it and got it put out.
Those guys are GREAT.  Thanks for your dedication.  Everyone unloaded about 10:00 pm and rested good. Slack this morning went well and now we are just waiting for the perf. Will keep you posted on facebook.  Good luck to boys and beasts
alike tonight.  Till next time, bye bye.

Note from Smoke Ring

Salt river Rodeo

Loaded and headed for the Match Bronc Riding. Trust Me and I loaded in trailer like the ladies we are. The boys, Cowboys & Harleys and Canada Dry were wild in the pen. Can’t wait to see our friends from the V Heart and the DeWitt bronc strings. Look out bronc twisters here we come. Good luck to all.

Smoke Ring


My name is Smoke Ring and I am one of the broncs from the herd.  My secretary, Nancy Jane and our niece, Kaylee came out to the summer pasture in that pretty Ram truck to pick up some of us for the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.  Seven of us broncs loaded up and headed out to meet up with Jerry.  With two of us up in the bareback and five in the saddle bronc we were as excited as new speckled pups and hoping for some good bronc pealers.  I drew 2012 NFR cowboy, Tyrell Smith.  We were 84 points and headed for the pay window.  Made Grams proud because as she likes to say “The Money Is In The Mane!”